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While things were still a bit cagey with Corona hanging around, we were still optimistic about what the future was going to hold, and no-one embodied that more than Susan & John.

John's email came through asking about the date, and not a day later we were chatting on the phone and the day after that it was a zoom call!

Susan & John had decided they wanted to do something different, something unique for their day, and so instead of having the traditional ceremony they were going to Gretna for an adventure!

The plan was to drive down to Gretna, have the ceremony and head back up to the reception at Cringletie House, stopping for some filming in amongst some of the stunning spots along the way.

With some recommendations and deliberations, they decided on Grey Mare's Tail and St Mary's Loch, and we were all going on an adventure.

covering new ground

Now usually we head in the opposite direction for further flung weddings; In our ignorance, we had always assumed that to get those beautiful Scottish mountains you had to go North, but how wrong we were.

We went up and over every glen, weaving through rushing rivers and freshly sprung forests on the way to Gretna. We went the road that we would be coming back, past Grey Mare's and St Mary's, teaser and inspiration both.

We pulled into Gretna buzzing with a sense of excitement - What was the day going to bring?

Forging the bond

With trademark ease, we spent the morning with Susan & John as they got their finishing touches ready. There was no time for dawdling; we were on a schedule.

The blacksmiths is a beautiful, intimate venue, steeped in history and tradition. As soon as you step over the threshold, you feel the decades of stories all around you, encouraging anyone who enters to declare all their love for one another.

Spoken over the anvil like so many others before them, Susan & John made their vows and it was incredible to be there to capture it for them.

Road trip

With their vows made and some photos taken, we were on our way - first stop, Grey Mare's Tail.

It didn't even seem that long to go until we arrived (complete with some in car shots of the happy couple) and stepped out into the fresh and open air.

Grey Mare's Tail is one of the biggest waterfalls in Scotland, and it was amazing to capture the smiles and laughs between Susan & John in such a mesmerizing place.

We couldn't stay long though, and a short while later we were on the shores of St Mary's Loch. We were lucky enough to find a deserted spot and have Susan & John simply take a walk along the shore.

The drone footage is some of the best we have ever filmed - Stunning views of the whole glen, with the focus of course being the ecstatic couple.

A prosecco toast later and it was back in the car for the final leg of the day!


Susan & John were welcomed like homecoming royalty by everyone they hold dear, and instantly there was an electric atmosphere.

A first dance later and it was everything Cringletie could offer; Croquet, sports, golf, and of course, a wide smile on everyone there.

The sun went down as everyone danced the night away, but there was one more surprise still to come...

With a clap and a flash, the fireworks John had organised for Susan began to go off, illuminating Cringletie in the light of their day - A magical end to a spellbinding day, one that we are so grateful we got to capture.


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