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A roof with a view



Friend of a friend

Natalie, our friend's sister, got in touch not long after we had completed Vicki's film to see if we were able to film her day, and fortunately we were!

Natalie let us know the venue, Dundas Castle, and we headed up before the day to have scout of the location.

is this a disney film?

Driving up the long gravel drive, we started to wonder if we had come to right place - And then it came into view.

The sentinel hedges break away to reveal the rolling emerald fields beyond. At the top of the gently enclosed road the beautiful, fairy tale towers rise up to greet you - As well as the resident Golden Retriever (Serious Homeward Bound vibes).

The amazing staff there took us on a tour of the whole venue, seeing the prep rooms (complete with a snooker table!), ceremony room, reception space and to top it all off? Llamas in the field!

With our plan in place, we waited in excitement for the big day.

an electric day

Right from the start, each part of the day felt alive with a buzz - Excitement was like a static in the air, and we captured all the smiles and laughs that went along with it.

Taking place in the ancient tower, we were actually able to get a shot from the balcony above the main room, seeing the whole ceremony from above.

Speaking of being above everything, this was the first shoot with the new drone - The Mavic Pro. While rain had held it off first thing in the morning, by the afternoon the sun had come out and allowed us to get the sweeping landscape shots that showed exactly how grand Dundas truly is - As well as an incredible death drop!

Doon the dancin

Even for us, the day went by so fast - One minute we were getting set up for the ceremony and the next Andy was cutting the cake with a sword!

After we had filmed the multitude of the guests giving it laldy and the night began to wind down, we realised that we couldn't wait to have the privilege of being back!


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