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Brave new day



under the wire

Rebecca's initial email came through more with a hope than an expectation; While couples were now allowed fifty people, many understandably did not want to sacrifice two spots for videographers. But with Rebecca realising that they had a spot for one more person due to one of the guests being

They had won a videography package at a wedding fair, but had turned out to be a bad experience so had not gone ahead. Since then, they had gone back and forward about getting one, but on seeing our work they knew that they definitely wanted one.

Fortunately we had the date free, and just like that we were buzzing for the day!

In the heart of it

Having grown up in and around Edinburgh, we know it pretty well, but one of the most amazing things about doing weddings is that you get to visit all these spectacular places that you would never normally get to see, and in Rebecca & Ross's case it was the beautiful St Mary's Cathedral.

Nestled in between the glass front of the Omni Centre and the ever growing scaffolding of the new St James, St Mary's stands a constant testament to the values that the members have. Inside, it is just as grand as the outside suggests, with stunning stained glass windows that seem to transport you away from the centre of the capital.

While there may not have been as many guests as usual, the people that were there got to witness a uniquely moving ceremony, and we were able to capture it all for not only them, but everyone else they care about to see time and again.

Goin uptoon

Edinburgh's distinctive Georgian architecture provided the backdrop for their photos, the exquisite pillars and brickwork framing them perfectly.

A flash, snap and laugh later and everyone was at the Waldorf Astoria; A completely new location as well, the grandeur and elegance matching the beaming smiles across every person there, every one recorded to live again and again.

a dance for two

The dance floor may have had less occupants, but it didn't feel any less full; Rebecca & Ross filled it just themselves. Whiskies and Prosecco flowed as each and every person made the very most of the celebrations, dancing the night away - Even if it was from their seats!


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