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Celebration by the sea



an unexpected email

By mid 2018, enquiries for dates were becoming more and more regular for dates for in and around the central belt (and not just friends of friends!)

But on a late Tuesday afternoon, one came through from Siobhan, asking about a date. So as with everyone else who had inquired, we chatted about what we do, what our service did - Only for Siobhan to let me know that their venue was a place called Cullen.

A quick google let me know that Cullen is a) The home of Cullen Skink soup, but b), on the other side of the country!

With our excitement bubbling and bags packed, we began the drive.

Family morning

Siobhan's morning was a full one; I was in a whirlwind of family, friends, neighbours, all wishing congratulations and contributing in any way they could.

Mikey found a relaxed atmosphere at Mike's prep - While most grooms are a bit shy, everyone there was confident enough to have Mikey there and get those beautiful family moments - Including a candid spit take!

With the morning sorted, we made our way to the venue.

bayside vista

Cresting the hill just before coming into Cullen, the Bay hotel overlooks the entire bay, showing an incredible rugged vista.

We set up in the ceremony room just as everyone began to arrive, positioning ourselves on each side to discreetly film not only the ceremony but the stunning view behind.

The ceremony itself started, with every person there on tender hooks; Siobhan and Mike read their own vows to love and cherish one another, and we were there to get it all.

highland fling

With a bagpipe and a fiddle, the evening celebrations began.

This wasn't your usual ceilidh though - The band begun to tell the guests how to do each dance, only to discover that this wasn't the usual crowd.

Dance after dance created an incredible energy that carried on well into the night, and we were able to capture that magic energy!


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