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A facebook post answered

As with the start of most things, as soon as we started with Kirsty & Neil, things started to snowball.

Jade had put out a call across a facebook page that we were a member of, asking for a last minute videographer for her & Linseys ceremony at the City Chambers and then the Ghillie Dhu - And we were happy to answer.

Cause if they don't dance...

Sitting in the Tron pub, that feeling of butterflies reared its head again - After all, this would only be our second wedding, and we had never met these people before, what if they didn't like us, what if they didn't like our (one!) video that we had done?!

Once again, we didn't need to worry. Both Jade and Linsey were dance teachers and instantly made us feel at ease, and in turn we were able to show them what we were capable of and what we could capture on the day. It wasn't long after the meeting that we got the confirmation they wanted to go ahead and just like that we had our second wedding!

Ceremony and a show

Being in the creative & performance world, Jade & Linsey had a massive group of talented friends, one of which performed a beautiful, concert level song at the ceremony - I remember looking to Mikey and both of us seemingly thinking, 'Is this what all weddings are like?!'

Right after was a gorgeous confetti throw - What made this work so well I think is that the confetti was actually petals and showed up a lot more on camera!

Right after this we split up, with Mikey going with the guests and I stayed with Jade & Linsey. Mikey managed to get some amazing candid footage on the bus while I captured those intimate moments in between the photographs , and before we knew it we were at the evening celebrations.

I wanna dance with somebody

So not long after they had booked, Jade has messaged us saying that she had organised a surprise for Linsey - And we were just as excited.

They had their first dance just as beautifully as you'd expect, graceful and captivating every one of the guests.

The lights come up.

The couple kiss.

Mikey gives me the nod from the other side of the dance floor.

And sees me look back in horror;

As I realise I'm on the wrong side of the room.

Too late I realise I am at the back of where the Jade's surprise flashmob is currently forming at seemingly warp speed; While I was in a perfect position for capturing Linsey's reaction, I was in the eye of the dance-a-caine, surrounded by the incredible performance of Jade & Linsey's students - Unfortunately I didn't think the macarena would have cut it!

Thankfully the rest of the night was far less hectic, with a ceilidh and and disco rounding out the night in amongst the stunning gothic architecture of the Ghillie Dhu. It was a venue that we loved and can't wait to return to!


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