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Day for the family



popping in for a chat

The adage goes that everybody is connected with six degrees of separation, but with Leanne and Stuart it was far less; Leanne's Mum actually knew my Mum from work, and we went round for a coffee to speak and see what we could do for their day.

From the first minute of speaking to Leanne & Stuart, we knew that their whole day would be a about family - The kids, the family, the distant relations, they wanted their day to be a celebration of everyone who meant the world to them.

By the busload

While Mikey spent the morning with Leanne, Stuart's morning prep went like clockwork -With a few pints of course.

Throughout both sides of the morning, the overwhelming sense of how much everyone knew and loved each other shone through and we loved capturing every second of it.

From there, the drive to Glenskirlie Castle felt like an adventure; while not as far away as Kirsty & Neil's, this time it was all new faces, all ready to celebrate the day.

We got into position for the ceremony discreetly, waiting with anticipation with everyone else.

a tear in the eye

Leanne entered the ceremony room to a captivated crowd; Every single person in the room hung on every word and laugh in the ceremony, committing their vows in the beautiful light given off by the stained glass windows.

Now, usually, while we have microphones in place for the ceremony and speeches, we don't know what is going to be said, and to put it lightly, we were in for a surprise.

Right after Leanne & Stuart made their vows, they turned, in sync, to the front row, and began to make vows to their kids, promising to look after, inspire, cherish and support them in whatever it is they want to do.

Believe me, not a dry in the house.

Twistin the night away

The evening room seemed to get turned around in a flash, and from toddler to granny everyone felt the joy of the evening.

In amongst the cha cha slide and Saturday night, we found some of the most beautiful moments between Leanne and Stuart themselves - Ones that they can treasure.


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