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Enterkine House Hotel Wedding Videographer

Jenna & Liam | 5/8/23 | Ayrshire

“We just want it to feel like a big party!”

Well Jenna & Liam’s day certainly lived up to that!

I think one of the parts of a Wedding that gets caught up in amongst everything else is the party; Theres such a focus on the Ceremony and Speeches and a thousand other details that little things that could make the dancing even more memorable. But ever since our first call, Jenna & Liam had already put so much detail into the celebrations that it proved to be one of the most buzzing we've ever been to!

The morning was one of excited anticipation, and before long the guests began to arrive as Liam waited at the top of the aisle.

Jenna arrived and the ceremony was a beautiful and heartfelt one, telling their story and how they reached this point and sealed with a kiss!

The day swept along with no hesitation, kicking things off with a totally unique take on a confetti toss, before some photos in front of the elegant beauty of the white tree in the lobby and then onto the stunning drive, just in time for the sun coming out!

The speeches took place in the gorgeous main hall with some heartfelt words from everyone who spoke, before the party really began to start!

Kicking things off was an incredible photo dash that set the tone for the evening, getting everyone buzzing as the dancing started!

But the Highlight of the evening arrived with the opening of the glowsticks, and the party got turned up to 11! With another unique twist on the sparkler tunnel, we captured the fun and life that summed up Jenna & Liam's story!

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