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Merchant City celebration



keeping it in the family

Not long after Kirsty's video had been delivered, we got a message from Vicki, her sister, saying that she loved the video and wondered if we were free for her date - Fortunately we were, and having met her and Aaron already, we were buzzing to be able to do it!

Dancing in the street

While Jade & Linsey had also been a city centre wedding, each part was contained in a building. Vicki's approach to the venue in Merchant City was taken through the streets from a nearby hotel; I never thought I would see a bride walk through the city centre so confidently, but Vicki did it in style with some typically welcome Glaswegian hospitality!

Seeing the light

Vicki & Aaron's ceremony was beautiful, no small part due to the incredible lighting conditions within the venue - With an entire wall to the side windowed, it allowed for some gorgeous soft light to spill through and get that really even illumination across everybody present.

What we also loved about the ceremony was how natural the whole thing felt; We experimented a bit with our positioning in the ceremony and kept one of us mobile to start with, really feeding into the authenticity that Vicki & Aaron had.

Night on the town

Keeping everything to one venue always keeps things simpler, and Vicki & Aaron were rewarded with a glorious afternoon sunshine and a fantastic ceilidh; We loved capturing the energy and excitement of it all!


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