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saving the date



any chance?

Megan's email came through about three months before her & Chris's date; they were swithering about getting a video at all wondered what we would be able to do for them.

They had won a videography package at a wedding fair, but had turned out to be a bad experience so had not gone ahead. Since then, they had gone back and forward about getting one, but on seeing our work they knew that they definitely wanted one.

Fortunately we had the date free, and just like that we were buzzing for the day!

the two wings

Immaculate grounds hide the gorgeous country manor that is Balbirnie house, both sides of the house separated for the morning prep of the Bride & Groom.

The morning was super relaxed, with champagne and and whiskies flowing. With laughs and smiles a plenty, we thought this was getting to be the norm for the mornings, until Chris did something totally unique.

Megan's Dad stopped by to say hello and drop off some gifts, but Chris handed something small back in exchange, but we couldn't really tell what it was.

Ten minutes later on the other side of the house, Megan's Dad arrived at her room with some gifts for her, as well as Chris's mystery one. Opening the box, we caught the exact moment she realised what it was; A hand made leather book, titled '10 reasons why I love you' - And of course it sent the room into tears.

Gentlemen, take note.

some sunny day

The ceremony took place in the stunning conservatory room, the beautiful afternoon sunshine spilling through and lighting Megan as she walked down the aisle.

The ceremony full of laughs and love - Megan & Chris could barely keep their eyes off each other.

An 'I do' later and everyone was outside in the sun, complete with a surprise confetti cannon caught on camera and heart locket on a fence.

On top of all this, the string quartet created one of our favourite ever mashups - Blink 182's All the Small Things on violin? Yes please!

Party time

Strings soon gave way to song as the sun sank below the sky, bathing the whole venue in that warm afternoon glow just as Megan and Chris cut the cake.

In what seemed like a flash, the dancing began and we were there for it all, the beautiful evening glow mixing in with the lights from the disco to create this beautiful, timeless evening.


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