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Serene Autumn Beginning



"You guys do video, right?"

It was a question asked by my friend Kirsty that really started it all.

Mikey and I had met a year previously, starting out on the first year of our HND in Television Production, and become the best of friends while sharing a passion for video production. Alongside our college work, we had begun to do any project we could get our hands on, ranging from music videos to corporate testimonials; but something was missing. We just didn't know what yet.

"Uhhh... Sure, I mean I think so?"

Sat over a post-shift pint, I knew she was getting married, but the thought of asking if she wanted a video hadn't even crossed my mind. So we checked in with our lecturer to see what they thought.

"Don't do it, they're an absolute nightmare!"

So of course, that was when we decided to do it.

A Nervous Drive

While we had completed over 20 projects by this point, it didn't dissuade any of the fears of what could go wrong; What if our batteries run out, what if I don't hit record, what if a rogue seagull attacks the drone - The usual.

But we didn't need to worry; Every bit of our previous experience came into play, from the live recording of the ceremony & speeches to the flow of storytelling of the afternoon, we found that each piece of the day was familiar.

All the little moments

As much as we soon became comfortable with the technical side of the day, what wasn't as clear was the creative - What we should be getting, when we should be capturing it.

It was only when we got the footage back that we realised that both of us were in the same mindset, the same one that would become our distinct and trademark style - Looking for those little moments, those tiny interactions that make each and every day unique, ones that will give each of our couples something to treasure on every rewatch.


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