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Some day for it



It's happening!

It wasn't long after Megan & Chris' day that that Megan's sister, Amy, had got in touch to ask about our availability for her & Scott's date as well; She had loved how unobtrusive we were on the day, and all the small moments we had caught.

Unfortunately, Covid had other plans - like so many other of our couples, it was postponement after postponement and sometimes it felt like the day would never arrive, but eventually the email came through - The date was set, confirmed and triple checked, and before we knew it we were on our way to Guardswell Farm.

Brilliant summer sun

As we drove closer and closer to Perth, the sun seemed to waking as well; With each mile it got more and more spectacular, ready illuminate every part of the day; including a surprise for the guests.

Guardswell sits atop a hill, a gravelly winding road opening to an unpretentious chalet and main venue building. As soon as you get there you feel the nature engulfing you, a deep breath of the cleansing fresh air giving a feeling of renewal as the birdsong plays all around.

Venues that include accommodation have become more and more popular even in the time that we have been doing weddings and for good reason; We love the simplicity of being able to spend the whole morning with couples without having to keep and eye on the time.

On one side of the venue Joanna spent the morning with Amy - Smiles and Tears were all captured, as well as some best dogs!

On the other, Scott was spending the morning in the sun with his groomsmen - With a couple of shots simply to be sociable!

Scenic vows

The outside ceremony space sits on the flat space at the back of the main venue building, overlooking Perth and the whole valley, a stunning vista to have as the backdrop of the ceremony.

Amy glowed as she walked down the aisle, the sun bathing the whole scene in a glorious summer light.

The whole ceremony went off without a hitch, the dogs delivering the rings flawlessly before their vows were taken - To the delight of everyone present.

Smiles in the sun

While Corona may have stopped the dancing, it couldn't stop the joy we were capturing on the day - Everywhere we looked it smiles, laughs and looks of love.

Before we knew it it was time for the first dance, the two dancing like no-one else was in the room. The song finished and the applause and shouts rang through the hall - But Amy & Scott lingered on the floor.

Looks of confusion began to filter through the crowd - What was happening?

Amy took the microphone as a wide grin spread across Scott's features; They thanked everyone for coming and everyone that couldn't be there - Before the real announcement came.

"Because baby Neil..."

The room ERUPTED - Like a tidal wave all their loved ones came to them and celebrated, tears of joy everywhere we looked.

What a day turned into what a night - Even from the tables every one danced and smiled, and it was an absolute privilege to be there for it all.


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