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Some sunny day



A familiar setting

Sarah & David were one of the first couples to book their date with us; They loved the fly on the wall, observational style without having anything staged, and we were buzzing to be able to provide that for them!

By this point we had already been to Glenskirlie once and with the car packed we headed up there once again!

Brilliant blue

The sky as we arrived at Glenskirlie was clouded over, giving that perfect even light for everyone there.

While Connor spent the morning discreetly capturing all of Sarah's moments, Mikey made the short drive to Stirling, where David was getting ready at the Highland Hotel.

At either end of the prep it was wide smiles and big laughs; Excitement, happiness, love.

The morning flew in, and by the time Mikey arrived at Glenskirlie, those clouds had dissipated and the aquamarine sky above was almost glowing for the ceremony.

feeling the heat

The temperature rose into a glorious summer day just as Sarah walked up the aisle; No-one could take their eyes off the couple as they stood at the top of the aisle.

The ceremony, conducted by Sarah's brother, was full to the brim of inside jokes and loving comments, and it was amazing to be there to record it all for them.

Fun in the sun

The celebrations soon started, with the prosecco flowing whisky flying.

While we always capture every moment we can on the day, Sarah and David's guest made it easy for us because everywhere we looked there was a smile, a laugh, a hug.

The afternoon sun faded into that gorgeous early evening light as Sarah & David had their first dance, and wasn't long until the crowd made it feel like all the problems in the wold, at least for one night, had disappeared, and it was a privilege to be able to save that memory for them.


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