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Stag & Doe Weddings | Wedding Videographer | Our Story

Updated: Mar 6

Wedding Videographer | Edinburgh | Glasgow | Scotland


It's lovely to have you here, and thank you for stopping by; Whether you're looking for some inspiration, wanting to find out more about us or just having a nosy, it's a pleasure to have you here!

Let me introduce us first of all - My name is Connor and I am the owner of Stag & Doe Weddings, managing the organisation, filming and editing of all our Wedding Films.

I love Weddings because, coming from a big family myself, it's one of the few times we get to see and celebrate with all of the people we love in one place at one time, catching up with all the stories and sharing all the moments of laughter, love & joy - The moments that really matter.


How we Started

The year was 2017.

As a fresh faced college student, life was grand; I was finally following my passion for Video Production by studying for my HND in Television Production, I was learning and gaining experience at every opportunity, and SAAS was really lulling me into a false sense of security as to how easy adulting actually was.

As much as I was enjoying the course I was on, I was hungry to learn more and actually start making stuff!

So I got together with my friend, Mikey, and we decided to put ourselves out there by offering free music videos to all the bands and musicians we could find - Which turned out to be quite popular!

More than a few sweaty gigs later, and as these things always tend to go, my friend Kirsty was getting married and asked;

"You guys do video, don't you?"

"..... sure!"

Was my response!

Now I knew vaguely about Wedding Videography and that couples had films made of their day, but I didn't really know much about it. So I thought the next logical step, I thought, was to ask our lecturer...

"Don't do it, they're an absolute nightmare, you'll hate every second of it!"

And of course, being the rebellious teenagers we were at the time, that confirmed that we were 100% going to do it - And it turned out to be the best thing we could have done!


Our first Wedding Films

Learning a lot from our first Wedding, we continued to learn in the next eight that we filmed over the next two years while at University, learning the flow of the day, when the light was best, and what the best way to film each section of the day was.

Graduating University in 2019, I realised that being part of our couple's most important day was where my passion truly lay, and so I made the decision to try and move into doing Wedding Videography full time!

So I began marketing ourselves a bit more, reaching out to venues and other suppliers and we began to take more and more bookings - Everything was starting to come together!


Put on hold

With the arrival of certain pesky pandemic, unfortunately everyone's lives were put on hold.

But I wanted to use the time I had suddenly found myself with, and so I started a true deep dive on everything Wedding Videography; Styles, techniques, methods of working, and through this I realised I wanted to be doing something different and make our our Wedding Videography unique.

I realised that I didn't want to change the unobtrusive and natural style that we had been building Stag & Doe on, but I could achieve this mainly through the use of colour in the films.

I love the deep warm tones of Summer and Autumn, and how they really reflect how I want couples to feel when they watch their Wedding Film - All the happiness & joy of their day!

With this in mind, and fast forward through several lockdowns and zoom pub quizzes, the world opened up again and we were ready to get out and finally get properly started on our Wedding Videography journey!


Figuring it all out

2022 became our first what I would like to call full year - Weddings Films from the stunning Scottish Highlands to intimate City Centres, we saw and filmed just shy of 40 Weddings!

We really began to pick up that invaluable Wedding day experience as well - The beats of the day, when and where to set up, how long each section took, and before we knew it, we were heading into 2023!


Looking to the future

With 2022 finished, 2023 started with a bang!

We have loved every second of our journey so far; It is such a privilege to be trusted with the memories of so many couples special days, and we look to keep growing in the future!

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