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Up on the glen



A family connection

Like coming out of hibernation, the first few weddings began to take place as restrictions began to lift in the middle of the year. One of these couples was Alice & Ethan; held in limbo for so long, they decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with their date as soon as they could.

Alice's Mum actually works with Connor's Mum, and once again she proved to be a great spokesperson for Stag & Doe as Alice was soon in touch to see about her date. An email, call & zoom later, the day was booked and we were on our way to Comrie Croft.

Long & windy Road

Hill after hill led the way to Comrie; For one of the first times we really felt we were leaving the Scotland we knew behind and entering the one that gets talked about in the movies.

The track unassuming road into Comrie splits between the main venue and the biking trails. With a quick hello to Alice & Ethan, we began to get all the small details at the venue; Most importantly, the dogs that were all ready for the celebrations!

on top of the world

The main Comrie building sits half way up the side of the glen, and as we soon found out, the outdoor ceremony space was at the top.

A plateau breaks out from the forest edge, sweeping out above the valley below. We kind of stood in awe for a minute; This is what Scotland is, the image that comes to mind of a timeless, rugged beauty.

We couldn't admire the view for too long though, because not long on our heels the guests were beginning to arrive. A quick set up on each side gave us the perfect view of not only Alice as she walked up the aisle, but the stunning country beyond.

Alice & Ethan's ceremony was filled with life, love and the dedication to their beliefs and to each other, and it was a privilege to be there to capture it.

The perfect conditions

Everybody wishes for the sun on their wedding day, to get that storybook sunshine in all their pictures. But at least for video, what makes it perfect is actually more cloudy, overcast days, diffusing the light and giving everyone the perfect light, and that is what Alice & Ethan managed to get.

After a quick stint on a swing for the photos, it was time for the speeches and celebrations. While dancing still wasn't entirely allowed, what Alice & Ethan did was give everyone board games and quizzes to do at the tables.

While on paper it may not have sounded as fun as a disco, each one of the guests smiles could have lit up the room on their own, and gave Alice & Ethan a day to remember.


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