About us





I'm Connor, and I guess the most important thing to know about me is that I love what I do - Video Production.

I've always been obsessed with putting things together to make something more, whether this was Lego at Christmas as a kid (and now) or, more recently, combining all of the footage I've taken on a project to make something unique and personal.


I'm happy to admit I'm a technology geek and always on the look out for new camera tech and edit techniques to keep our work up to date.


While we do a huge variety of different types of projects, weddings are by far my favourite because we make something that has sentimental value and will mean so much not only to you, but to the future generations of family to come, and the feeling we get from that is pretty unbeatable!

Hey there!

Mikey here and my main obsession is cameras!


Since first picking up my first camera that I used for our productions (A Sony A7SII) I've always been driven to paint a picture with them.


My main focus is looking for the perfect shot in every sequence - Whether that be a sweeping landscape of the venue we're filming at or the closest, intimate detail of the day.

My longer term goal is to be a Wildlife Cinematographer, but out of all the production work we currently do Weddings are my favourite because each one is different and unique, and allows me to challenge myself to be more creative with each one to produce the shots that will be treasured!