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Balmoral Hotel Wedding Videographer

Gregor & Jacob | 30/9/23 | Edinburgh

Among the hundreds of thing that go into planning a Wedding, it's easy for the the story of the couple to get lost in the chaos; But for Gregor & Jacob, the journey that took them to this point was front & center and it was such a privilege to be there to capture it all!

Having their Wedding in the splendor of the Balmoral Hotel right in the heart of Edinburgh, the morning was smiles were abound as they got ready for the day ahead. Before long they were heading up to the iconic Balmoral rooftop for tender first look with each other, overlooking the very spot where they had first met!

In a twist on the usual run of things, they had their family photographs done before the ceremony inside the spectacular halls of the hotel, and before long it was time to officially tie the knot!

Walking down the aisle together was another beautiful break with tradition, with some heartfelt words binding them together and sealing it all with a kiss!

It was quickly onto the reception and a trip up the iconic Calton Hill to get that gorgeous Edinburgh skyline, along with a graceful climb up the National Monument, before back to see their eagerly awaiting guests!

After a multitude of hugs and congratulations it was onto the speeches, with some brilliantly poignant, heartfelt and funny words from all the speakers, before onto to some delicious food and evening cocktails.

With a quick turnaround of the room it was onto the celebrations, dancing the night away in spectacular fashion!

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