First and foremost, we are storytellers.

With our combined decades worth of  production experience covering everything from Drama to Documentary, we founded 

Stag & Doe in 2017 after filming our first wedding and realising we could transfer that passion into creating personal, unique and cinematic wedding films.

Out of all the video work we do, weddings are our favourite; While other projects have taken us to China, Sri Lanka and Australia, had us meet the First Minister and Head of Virgin money and even had us take a brand new drone for a swim, none of them give us the same feeling that delivering a personalised film that will be treasured does.

Our Work


 It may be a cliche, but the old adage is true; The day flies in.


You're surrounded by family, friends and loved ones all wishing you congratulations, prosecco flowing, whiskies served up by the dozen, crazy Aunt Moira's already started chatting up the photographer and before you know it, it's your first dance with the most important person in the world.


In the coming weeks and months as you start your new life, the details of the day begin to get fuzzy; The colour of the flowers, who cousin Gerry brought with him, Dad's tears at the first kiss. But that's where we come in.


We specialise in capturing the small details on the day, filming in stunning 4k with two camera operators as standard, complete with HQ audio recording and drone filming (conditions permitting). This combined with our extensive experience means that your film will be full of moments for you both to enjoy again and again for years to come.


But enough chat, pictures saying a thousand words and all that. Our showreel is below, as well as the highlights from our previous films - We're pretty proud of them, and think you'll like them too.   


What people say about us

You wouldn't go to a new restaurant without asking about it first, and you wouldn't pick videographers for your wedding without reading what other people have said about us. We've spent the past two years building our reputation, and our reviews are available to view below!



Our goal in making your Wedding Film is to make something that is yours, that is unique for you to treasure. But more than that, your wedding is one of the most complicated and stressful things to ever plan. We don't want to add any extra pressure or complication to the day, and as such we don't do different packages and we don't have a set stay till time; We don't believe in making 3/4 of a film by leaving before the day is over.




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